The SoleWay FAQ

1. General

1.1. How can I delete my account?

Please contact Soleway Support and ask that your account be deleted.

1.2. How can I create a route?

The idea is to define a starting point of your route, provide a short description of starting point and destination, and write a detailed description of the route to follow.

Try to structure the detailed instructions in a list-like, step by step way;


  1. Make sure you are logged in

  2. Click the 'Create an indoor route!' button

  3. Locate a starting point (or, alternatively, use the Place picker to search for a place)

  4. Fill in the form that pops up

  5. Click 'Finish'


  1. Make sure you are logged in (via menu)

  2. On the start screen, tap the '+' button (bottom right)

  3. In the map, tap the starting point; optionally, use the Place picker to find a specific place

  4. Tap 'Save'

  5. Fill in a short description of the destination

  6. Fill in a short description of the starting point

  7. Fill in instructions how to reach the destination from the starting point

  8. Select the correct language

  9. Tap 'send'

1.3. What are all these fields starting point, from, to, route description?

  • The starting point locates the start of the route in space. Try to position it as close as possible to the actual place where the route starts according to the route description. This item allows the user to find routes based on a geographical search.

  • The from field names that starting point. It is used when the user wants to (optionally) narrow down search results: the user can then further filter routes using the from field.

  • The to field names the destination. it is used by the user when searching for a route.

  • The description of the route instructs the user how to reach the to point when starting from the from point.

Remember that the combination of from, to and starting point should sufficiently and uniquely define a route; as a result, adding address information in from or to fields are unnecessary, as this information is already inherently present in the starting point!

1.4. Why can’t I see a route that I expect?

If you search around a specific point, SoleWay will list the most likely routes in the neighbourhood first, and take into account what you filled in "to" and "from". You might need to scroll down to find more distant routes.


  • when enabling "search by similarity", search terms that are not "similar" enough will significantly reduce the likelihood of those routes to appear in your search results. This will (currently) happen when sizes of search string and candidate strings are significantly different: for example, when enabling search by similarity and searching for "UZ" will not return "UZ" routes that have large from/to descriptions (and we are working to improve this).

  • check the search language setting (currently, app only), as routes exist in other languages too, but you might have hidden them via your settings

1.5. How can I change my profile?

Currently user profiles cannot be changed.

1.6. How can I close my account?

  1. Contact Support and we will clear your account.

  2. Check also whether you have linked a Google account to SoleWay

1.7. How can I delete a route?

Currently, routes cannot be deleted on purpose. If you want to have a route deleted, report the route and an administrator will take care of this. Other reasons to report a route

1.8. Why should I report a route?

Route can become outdated or be problematic for all sorts of reasons. By reporting routes you contribute to the quality of SoleWay.

2. Browser

2.1. Safari: page keeps coming back

We are aware of an issue with AdBlockers; meanwhile, please check that AdBlocked is not interfering, in which case it is recommended to disable it, or wait for the page to settle.

3. Admin dashboard (organisations)

NOTE: currently, the concept of organisations is experimental.

3.1. What are the duties of an organisation administrator?

  • Manage areas (location, state)

  • Deal with route reports (block routes)

  • Note: currently, administrators are not allowed to promote other users as administrator

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