SoleWay - Release notes


  • FIX: QRset counters broken

v15 (2017-07-05)

  • NEW: QR hit counters (for routes as well as sets); sets now also have a normal view counter

  • IMP: reorder view/qr counter columns

v14.3 (2017-06-28)

  • FIX: QR Set routes appear multiple times

  • IMP: QR Sets: sort by id; add "sorted" column

  • FIX: keep menu options visible while scrolling

  • FIX: QRset creation did not take submitted routes into account

v14.2 (2017-06-14)

  • FIX: put RWP map on top

  • FIX: RWP id lost

Known issues
  • RWP map will not reflow

v14.1 (2017-06-08)

  • NEW: when applicable, replace map with link to RWP images; also, clip results page

  • FIX: remove remaining references to app (Google Play)

  • FIX: make "List visible routes" link in map visible

  • FIX: allow SW admin to assign route to any organisation

  • FIX: user profile: sort on organisation

  • FIX: QR set orderings

v13 (2017-05-18)

  • FIX: dependencies

  • FIX: could not unassign route from org

  • FIX: password reset messages not received outside UGent

  • NEW: provide directions to starting point

  • NEW: stay in organisation (try UGent or UZ Gent)

  • FIX: wrong sorting when searching manually

  • FIX: update copyright

  • NEW: wildcard search with '*'

  • NEW: home page: replace SoleWay QR with logo

  • FIX: error in search terms when dealing with ID lists; also, include spaces

  • FIX: admin neutralised instead of user

v12 (2017-04-19)

  • NEW: Android version dropped due to lack of developer resources

  • FIX: remove Streetview button

  • NEW: logrotate to prevent huge logfiles

Known issues
  • #1311 search by location does not always return nearest routes

v11 (2017-03-22)

  • NEW: streetview image of start point

  • FIX: sort routes on author name

  • NEW: filter for visible routes

v10 (2017-03-10)

  • NEW: clear search box

  • FIX: fast typing wouldn’t immediately give correct results

  • FIX: cannot scroll after submitting (now also smaller) route report

  • FIX: homepage not showing

  • IMP: larger map when selecting search point

  • FIX: persistent filter

  • FIX: initialise Advanced section from URL

  • NEW: filter for visible routes

  • IMP: sort routes on organisations

  • FIX: transfer buttons gone when sorting

  • IMP: page/sort/search of Organisations, QR sets, events page

  • NEW: route reports sent to Support

Known issues
  • Events page cannot be manually sorted

v9.1 (2017-02-28)

  • FIX: 503 when creating QR set

v9 (2017-02-20)

  • NEW: organisation restricted pages (example UGent will restrict to UGent pages, click top-left SoleWay icon to return to normal mode)

  • NEW: routes can be associated to events (by admins)

  • NEW entry "search terms" lists search terms that give no results

  • NEW sort QR set routes

v8.3 (2017-01-25)

  • IMP: warn when using "search around device" without location info

  • IMP: set default search range to 150m (when searching around spot or device)

  • IMP: enable hyperlinks; refine edit screen

  • IMP: merge access to various HTML pages into one menu

  • NEW: add Twitter link

  • IMP: placeholder example for QR set definition

Known issues
  • Edge mobile browsers can have problems when attempting to move the map

v8.2 (2017-01-02)

  • FIX: crash when scanning

v8/8.1 (2016-12-20)

  • NEW: Allow to call up a list of routes by specifying their ID (comma separated) in the to field

  • NEW: show search status

  • IMP: make QR scan action more visible

  • FIX: put to before from field when showing route details, as is done everywhere else. (Note: when creating/editing, from comes before to - just as in the web client - because from is closely related to the starting point. The colour also indicates this.)

  • FIX: remove sort on Favourites

  • FIX: could not open hyperlinks in route directions

  • NEW: QR sets allow to group routes under one QR ID/URL

  • NEW: use HOT

  • FIX: paging counters gone

v7.2 (2016-11-28)

  • FIX: crash when using QR scan or web URL

Known issues
  • Users cannot yet change their profile information. Please contact Support for this.

v7.1 (2016-11-25)

  • FIX: cannot create routes

v7 (2016-11-23)

  • NEW: routes can be assigned to organisations

  • NEW: open route from QR scan (optionally using the ZXing app)

  • IMP: split off display screen from input screen

  • Make sure to transfer routes to a different organisation user before removing a user from an organisation.

Known issues
  • Browser cannot yet filter on organisations (but you can do this in the Android version), and no details (profile page) can be called up for organisations

  • When following links having &user_id=, filtering remains in effect. Workaround is to return to home page first. (#1140)

v6 (2016-10-26)

  • NEW: QR code of routes

  • IMP: favourite counters removed

  • FIX: improved ellipsizing

  • NEW: open route via QR scan

  • FIX: crash when attempting an undo while editing a route

  • IMP: refine search dialog

  • IMP: replace filters with Favourite menu item

  • NEW: SoleWay home page QR

  • NEW: testimonials

  • NEW: uses of SoleWay

  • FIX: footer overflows the pages

  • FIX: sorting of example routes on number of views

  • NEW: delete user (with confirmation)

v5.3 (2016-10-12)

  • FIX: route shows wrong starting point after searching around spot

  • FIX: navigate Up to home screen after opening route from web page

v5.2 (2016-09-03)

Known issues


  • IMP: Likes have been replaced with Favourites


  • IMP: Nougat


  • NEW: include view counter on home page

v5.1 (2016-09-30)


  • FIX: list of likes on own profile page does not show all likes

v5 (2016-09-27)


  • FIX: update UGent logo

  • IMP: user tips expanded

  • IMP: reduce minimum report size


  • IMP: add Toast to warn of many routes

  • NEW: revamp search UI

  • IMP: progress indication at startup

  • FIX: profile route counters wrong

  • IMP: change filter icon

  • IMP: change route text colour

  • FIX: route content cut off

  • IMP: GPS permission

  • IMP: disable notifications when running in background


  • IMP: reduce route output in search list

  • IMP: rewording in Advanced section

  • IMP: tweak Advanced section

  • IMP: add steps in route creation screen

  • NEW: add Press link

  • IMP: disable scrolling when indicating starting point

  • FIX: counters wrong when searching for a word

  • NEW: enable hyperlinks

  • NEW: view counter


  • IMP: enrich view counters with GA data


  • FIX: clip not remembered, gone when reordering

  • IMP: add view counter

  • IMP: login via top-right menu

  • IMP: Apply button for bulk editing

  • NEW: transfer routes + log actions

Known issues

  • when clicking an URL that has additional query arguments (e.g. should enable the "Similar search" checkbox), that information is not reflected in the Advanced section

  • Android does not activate hyperlinks

  • Android users cannot login user a SoleWay account

  • IE users cannot login using Google

  • mobile browser users can have problems when accessing the SoleWay website

  • location mode forgotten when returning to the SoleWay home page

v4.1 (2016-09-08)


  • FIX: using spaces with exact search would not work


  • FIX: Internet Explorer does not show routes

  • known issue: cannot use Google login on Internet Explorer

v4 (2016-09-02)


  • IMP: "exact search" replaced by "similar search"


  • NEW: inform user about cookies

  • NEW: search in descriptions

  • IMP: "Filters" renamed to "Advanced"

  • IMP: Search location button moved to Advanced section

  • FIX: profile route counter


  • IMP: exact search by default


  • NEW: checkbox to slim down the route description part

  • NEW: routes: column updated

  • IMP: compact route table layout

  • FIX: route counters

v3.3 (2016-08-24)


  • FIX: route counters missing

v3.2 (2016-08-24)


  • FIX: profile page wrong

v3 (+ v3.1) (2016-08-17)


  • NEW: user tips page

  • NEW: release notes page

  • FIX: routes cannot be cloned without changing at least from, to, or description

  • FIX: user names are now unique. If your user name has been modified, that means there are different (SW/Google) accounts that use the same name. For the moment you cannot change your name; if needed, contact us and send the link to the profile you want to see updated.


  • NEW: button added in route detail screen to navigate to the starting point of a route


  • NEW: additional filtering on lists of user IDs is available using &user_id=<int>[&user_id=]*. in later iterations, it will also be possible to filter on organisations.


  • NEW: empty display_name is converted to NULL

v2.3 (2016-08-04)


  • NEW: include a &range= filter to limit searches in distance around the search location

v2.2 (2016-08-01)


  • FIX: routes could not be updated

v2.1 (2016-08-01)


  • small fixes

v2.0 (2016-07-29)


  • NEW: include case-insensitive, exact rather than fuzzy searching option (includes undocumented &fuzzy=false, to be deprecated)

  • NEW: creation date of routes

  • NEW: public user profile (read-only)


  • FIX: access permission issues on Android 6.0


  • NEW: search language filter

  • NEW: include search 'from' field

  • NEW: cookie notice

  • FIX: home page behaviour changed: show most liked routes by default

  • FIX: report route OK button fixed

  • FIX: always allow to create route

  • IMP: layout in LearnMore page

  • FIX: activate links in signup popup when not logged in


  • NEW: modifications times in UTC

  • NEW: route filtering

  • FIX: page counters