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Simon Geiregat Office

from Universiteitstraat 4 Entrance (at the tunnel, towards the bike park)

(Secretariat: see below) OFFICE: 1. Take the (main) entrance you find in the tunnel. It is located at the "NB" auditoria (double sliding doors; straight across auditorium D; close to the KBC and ING buildings on one side and the bicycle park at the other). 2. Take the large staircase at the right side when entering the faculty building. 3. Go to the 2nd floor (note: this is the 3rd floor if you're an American). 4. Take the (double) door on the right (straight across auditorium NB II). One of the signs above the door says "Economisch recht ▲". 5. Walk passed the toilets and the elevator (both are on the left side). 6. Take the double door in front of you. You now enter a new corridor. 7. Walk through the corridor and the double glass doors it ends with. You are now in the right corridor. 8. The office is located at the second door on the left (right across the small staircase). It is room no. A sign next to the door contains my name (amongst others'), the door itself has a sign that relates to "intellectuele rechten". (In case of my absence, please contact the secretariat on the same floor.) ECONOMIC LAW SECRETARIAT: From the start: Follow steps 1 to 6 above. 7. The secretariat is the first door on the left. From my office: Return through the double glass you opened before. The secretariat is at the last door on the right of the corridor you are now in.

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